Fueling flames

of hatred

Re: "Hatred filled gunman at Holocaust Museum," yesterday:

Anyone from any faith should be appalled that a person could hate another group of people enough to even contemplate murder, mass or not. I think we all should hope that federal attention will turn to the homegrown terrorists in these organized hate-fueled groups.

Rather than trampling the First Amendment, which protects them, we should spread the knowledge that if such ignorance and intolerance continue to flourish, they will eventually fester into violence again. Even if it isn't said outright, hate and violence go together like a light bulb and electricity. You can't have one without the other.

Seth L. Kaplan


Where did he

get his ideas?

It is reasonable to ascribe some measure of "credit" to the National Rifle Association for creating individuals like the killer of a security guard at the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Among his rantings and ravings is found the allegation that President Obama, a "creation of the Jews," is planning to seize all of the people's weapons. Where would an individual get such a loony idea? Certainly not from the president, who has repeatedly stated he respects the Second Amendment.

It is the NRA that is instilling fear and paranoia in its members by making the phony charge that the president is planning to rob members of their precious lethal weapons.

Oren M. Spiegler

Upper Saint Clair

From steel plant

to casino

Re: "Bethlehem casino's big day," Wednesday:

My initial feeling about this story is despair at the current state of affairs from just plain greed, stupidity, and political chicanery. What an insult to the legions of workers who toiled at this former Bethlehem Steel site for decades to produce valuable products in exchange for steady, well-paying jobs with tangible benefits.

What a spectacle today! Legions of slack-jawed trolls, sitting mesmerized, pushing buttons at computer screens in vain hopes of big winnings without any significant effort.

And, let's not forget "Fast" Eddie, governor of our glorious commonwealth, slyly hinting that the future holds even more varieties of games allowed to entice more change from those future legions of trolls.

Henry J. Adamcik


Marijuana bill

is a downer

The New Jersey Assembly health committee moved the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act forward, but with significant changes to the bill. Only the patients, not their caregivers, can pick up their medical marijuana, and the ability for home cultivation was eliminated.

Those in need of medical marijuana are often too sick or disabled to pick up their medications. The bill states they can use a private courier, but that would be a financial burden for those on fixed incomes.

Removing the grow-at-home provision makes New Jersey's proposed law the most restrictive in the country.

The Senate bill passed in February, which avoided overly restricting access and overburdening sick and dying people, should be restored in the Assembly and passed with no further delay.

Meagan Johnson

Policy Coordinator

Drug Policy Alliance New Jersey



Appalling treatment

by Episcopal Church

I am outraged at the appalling details of Ralph White's heinous abuse at the hands of the Rev. Gibson Bell of All Saints Episcopal Church in Wynnewood. Though it is noted that Rev. Bell's abuse lasted seven or eight years, that only encompassed the sexual abuse. The mental and physical abuse continued long after, as Bell managed to convince the authorities, mental health community, and White's own mother that White was a liar.

The Episcopal Church, whether it wants to believe it or not, has an obligation to White to make amends for this horrific chain of events.

Dianne Melvin