Leaders lead. They also write. A lot. Here's a quiz about things written by the men and women who lead the rest of us sheep around. Thanks, as always, to the staff at the Free Library of Philadelphia for helping us ensure accuracy.

1. A book titled At the Center of the Storm really has been in the last week. How come?

2. Books by political figures are famous for not being memorable. Match the political figure with the book he or she wrote.

My Life.

Conservatives Without Conscience.

Against All Enemies.

Keeping Faith.

United We Stand.

The Audacity of Hope.

Richard A. Clarke.

John Dean.

Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton.

Ross Perot.

Jimmy Carter.

3. Match the political figure with the title of the radio or television program with which s/he is associated.

Oliver North.

William Bennett.

George Stephanopoulos.

Pat Robertson.

Joe Scarborough.

Pat Buchanan.

Morning in America.

War Stories.

Scarborough Country.

This Week.

The McLaughlin Group.

The 700 Club.

4. Two politician-penned books have titles beginning with the words It Takes. What are the complete titles, and who are the authors?

5. Let's read sideways. What politicians' names are concealed in the following anagrams?

a. Hi, Norm. Roll a cad thinly.

b. Oh! I in a lurid gulp.

c. Check ID. I, nun, sin.

d. Ford then mops.

e. A plan short.


Scribble scribble scribble. Connect the world-famous figure with the title of a book s/he wrote.

Gaius Julius Caesar.

Theodore Roosevelt.

Winston Churchill.

Margaret Thatcher.

Adolf Hitler.

Thomas Jefferson.

The Hinge of Fate.

My Struggle.

The Gallic War.

The Path to Power.

Notes on the State of Virginia.

The Winning of the West.

8. Charlemagne and Genghis Khan were two great leaders who possessed the opposite virtue of the leaders in this quiz, although the former tried to correct this later in life. What was this virtue?

9. Speaking of leaders who write things, how many presidential libraries are there? Which president created the very first one?

10. John 8 in the New Testament is thought to be the only time in the Gospels that this is shown. What is it?

Answers: D3.

7. Baseball break! On April 29, Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies baseball team did something that had been done only 12 times. Ever. What was this incredibly rare feat?