As the first candidate for mayor to sign the Committee of Seventy ethics policy, I know that addressing this important issue is key to the success of our city. To eliminate the root causes of corruption in Philadelphia, we must eliminate inefficiencies and make city services customer-oriented and transparent in their operation while remaining ever-vigilant in our city's fight against corruption.

As mayor, I will also work to reform city departments and create processes that are fair and predictable. This will help eliminate any incentives for doing things the wrong way and reward people for doing things the right way. Too often, city departments are encouraged to expend their entire budget - wasting valuable tax dollars. We must find a better way to do business in order for the city to grow and thrive.

City departments should be rewarded when entrepreneurial initiative is shown and money is saved. Money saved should be used to help pay for needed services such as more police, parole and probation officers.

Government was created to help people, and services should be available to all citizens, not just those who can afford the added costs created through our old-fashioned system that confuses more than it creates opportunity.

As mayor, I will work to reform the way business is done and create built-in incentives for doing things the right way. I will create a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to start a business in our great city. Expediters should not be required to navigate a bureaucratic maze.

A few bad apples can sometimes spoil the bunch. Since our city has been plagued with a shadow of corruption created by those few, I vow to stand up and do the right thing for the people I represent, and the reputation that is a national reflection of their values. As mayor I will ensure that corruption is not tolerated at any level. Living in the cradle of democracy, Philadelphians expect no less.