Message to police

When first reading about the firings of four police officers, I thought how quickly the wheels of justice turned ("Police penalties: Fast-forward replaces pause," May 21). Maybe too quickly. I don't know what I fear more, repeat felons being let go or a system that forgets the part of the Constitution related to due process and presumed innocence.

I would like to think the mayor and police commissioner did a thorough investigation. But if they acted only on the video, then I have to wonder what kind of message they are sending. Is it open season on Philadelphia policemen? I sincerely hope this is not the case.

Clarence S. Boyd Jr.


Support theater

Howard Shapiro's story "From Broad Street to Broadway - and back" (Inquirer, May 19) accurately captured the depth of talent and achievement of the many artists in Philadelphia's theater community.

Living throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs are actors, designers, writers, directors, staff and technicians who make their primary living in Philadelphia theater. They have decided to work here, perform here, and raise families here. They are also terrific ambassadors for Philadelphia's arts community when they work elsewhere.

There is nothing quite like live theater, and we should be proud to support its artists and encourage its growth.

Steve Heumann



Space(y) plan

I do not understand how The Inquirer Editorial Board has nothing better to write about than a possible positive legacy to the disastrous eight-year administration of George W. Bush ("Bush's space plan: Seeing stars," May 19). We have seen time and again that Bush throws things out there. You can't really call them ideas, more like Rove-ian wish lists.

What you seemingly did not do before publishing the perceived positive points of his space(y) plan is acknowledge that he has perhaps placed too much emphasis on manned space travel to Mars, to the detriment of his fellow travelers here on Earth.

In the final analysis, one has to ask whether Bush will be seen as the victim of circumstance


the circumstance itself.

James N. Grenhart

King of Prussia