Partisan view

Re: "What if Obama cuts even more relations?," June 8:

It must have been a very slow day for Kevin Ferris, with his silly pseudo-interview suggesting Barack Obama disavow his wife for similar reasons that the presidential candidate quit his church.

Ferris must have been exhausted after thinking up this rather sad mockery of the fourth rail of democracy - media coverage. He would be wise to stop the negative campaigning on old news and determine what issues really matter now that the two presumptive nominees are available for the public's ardent scrutiny.

Rather than being cute, Ferris might be wise by helping to build broad coalitions. Stop the partisanship; you're not helping democracy, you're hindering it.

Fred Rothman

West Chester

Politically naive

I know Kevin Ferris' column, "What if Obama cuts even more relations?," was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. But there's more than a grain of truth to its premise.

Michele Obama strikes me as eminently naive in the political theater. She's a charismatic cheerleader, but is too committed to the black experience and our country's dismal record in this regard. She has some valid points, but now is not the time to air our dirty laundry.

Were she more enlightened, she would wait and use the exalted pulpit of first lady to press her goals for more equality. Unless Sen. Barack Obama bolts down this loose cannon, white America will continue to have misgivings about a black president. Maybe she could bake cookies until November.

Anthony J. Frascino

Cherry Hill


Bad sportsmanship

I am shocked to read that legions of white women who supported Hillary's campaign are now opposed to Obama. Do they not understand what it means to participate in a democracy?

We had primaries and Obama won. That is how the American system works. What do these soccer moms tell their children when they lose a game? Do they tell them to be good sports and shake hands or to spit in the face of their opponents and quit the league?

John Weidman


Educational spoof

My English class really enjoyed the "Derrie-Air" spoofed ad that was in Friday's paper. When I read it, I immediately cut it out and displayed it in class.

My students were able to pick out innuendo and puns and even a French derivative from the ad. So although it was a gag, it had educational value.

I try to include humor in my teaching, and my students definitely learned from this ad. Kudos to you for using the ad!

Maria T. Gulisano

Huntingdon Valley

Insensitive 'ad'

I am writing to lodge my objection to the inappropriate fake advertisement about "Derrie-Air" airlines in Friday paper. I am not overweight, but I have relatives who have struggled with this and have difficulty flying commercial aircraft. Suggesting that "weight matters" will offend many.

My husband is a commercial airline captain who has taken a pay cut every year since 1999, as his company strives to keep afloat. With the price of jet fuel rocketing, his company has implemented a surcharge for checked baggage. Good idea? I don't know. But I was incensed when I saw this ad that was a "take-off" on that situation.

Nell Casey

Mount Laurel