Perhaps those huge gusts of wind that kicked up over the weekend were the collective sighs of relief from Democrats grateful that their presumptive presidential nominee isn't John Edwards.

Faster than you can say Gary Hart, the former senator and two-time presidential candidate's political future imploded Friday after he admitted to having "a liaison" with a former campaign videographer.

Democrats are spared having this month's national convention in Denver dominated on cable TV and talk radio at least with questions about paternity tests, hush money and use of campaign funds.

Nevertheless, those questions and others remain. Here's a short list:

What the heck was Edwards thinking? He said in a statement, "I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic." Good to know.

Did he get a pass from the national media when rumors of the affair first surfaced last fall? The New York Times' ombudsman and others say no, that stories are based on facts and news value - standards the Times failed to meet earlier this year when it hinted at an affair between John McCain and a lobbyist.

And what about Edwards' wife who is battling cancer and knew of the affair before he launched his recent presidential bid?

Once again, sadly, an intensely painful time for a family goes public, but make no mistake about where the responsibility lies. As Edwards' national campaign manager said: "We believed him, and he lied."

So no shot at the vice presidency this year. No chance for Edwards to display his much-touted oratorical skills at the convention.

His task now is not uniting "two Americas," but healing one home.