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Letters: One Reader's View

Give all a say in library closings

Re: "Delay library closings, Council says," yesterday:

We recognize that it may not be possible to keep every library branch open. However, we strongly believe the debate should take place in a public forum.

Our resolution creates that public forum. All of the stakeholders will be allowed to weigh in, and the administration will have to finally share data, such as what it costs to operate each library, which could help us formulate alternative cost-saving measures to prevent some or all of the closures.

"Right-sizing" is a catchy phrase but means nothing if there is no debate about what we need to right-size and if City Council does not receive the data that will allow us to offer alternatives if we believe different choices should be made to save money.

Who knows? After getting the facts, we may end up agreeing with some cuts.

A vote for the hearings was a vote for an open, transparent and accountable government. A vote against the resolution was a ratification of, and a vote to continue, the back-room dialogue.

Councilman Bill Green