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Letters: One Reader's View

Take advantage of lower gas prices

Re: "Raise the gas tax," editorial, Wednesday:

Only one thing will wean the U.S. public off gasoline - price. As the cost of fuel comes down in the market place, the tax on gasoline should go up, perhaps not dollar for dollar, but in some increment. But will the new administration or Congress have the stomach for such a move?

An engineering study I recall from many years ago said that two lines of rail can handle the same volume of traffic as 28 lanes of super highway. Think of the economics and carbon footprint involved in such a comparison.

An increased fuel tax also could support increased and more frequent mass-transit service. Based on personal experience, the only times we do not use SEPTA service into Center City are when we anticipate we will have to wait an hour for a return train. Make it a half-hour, and ridership probably will increase.

Tom Schoonmaker