Many Happy Returns!

That could be the best birthday wish The Inquirer could receive on its 180th anniversary, given all the slings and arrows taken by the newspaper industry of late.

We, who toil daily in the iconic white tower at 400 North Broad Street, or at our printing plant, or news bureaus, believe there are many more Inquirer birthdays to come. Why? Because our readers have told us they won't have it any other way. So, we're adapting to make sure we don't disappoint them, making sure they can find us not only in classic newsprint but also via their electronic device of choice.

Yes, we're changing. But one change readers won't ever see is any reduction in The Inquirer's commitment to journalism of the first caliber. Over its 180-year history, this newspaper has earned a reputation for leaving no stone unturned to find the truth and share that knowledge with the world.

Anyone who thought that would change should talk to the city Board of Revision of Taxes, whose corruption was detailed in a recent Inquirer series. Or talk to former State Sen. Vince Fumo, who awaits sentencing because Inquirer reporters stuck their noses where he didn't want them to.

On this Editorial Page, the Inquirer's commitment goes beyond sharing truth to speaking boldly in favor of progress, against oppression, and in support of those who need a helping hand. That's an Inquirer tradition, too - a tradition it will be a privilege to continue for our next 180 years. Many Happy Returns!