Haitian orphans

have it much worse

Re: "Help the poor in this country," letter, Wednesday:

The letter writer's callous criticism of Gov. Rendell's successful efforts to bring a group of Haitian orphans to Pennsylvania overlooks an undeniable distinction between these orphans and American children awaiting adoption.

Unlike the Haitian orphans, their American counterparts have roofs over their heads, plenty of clean drinking water, and a society that refuses to allow innocent youngsters to be subjected to the grave human suffering that we are witnessing in Haiti.

Shame on the governor for offering a mere 53 Haitian children a chance to regain their dignity.

Vincent LaMonaca


A warning

to Democrats

The special election results in Massachusetts should send a strong message to President Obama and the Democratic-dominated Congress ("GOP wins a Senate upset in Mass.," Wednesday). America's mood clearly indicates that the 2008 election results were not a rejection of conservatism and an embrace of big-government liberalism.

While candidate Obama was disingenuous in promising a nonpartisan, ethical, influence-free administration with new governing mantras, the American people took him seriously and at his word. The center-right electorate that propelled the president into office on a pact of hope and change has not given up on its desire to cleanse Washington.

The Massachusetts result strongly suggests that Americans want the change they voted for and will hustle Democrats out of Congress and the White House if they don't get it.

Christopher Knob


Obama should

heed progressives

So the Democrats had a 60-seat advantage in the Senate for a few months. Can't say I'm terribly impressed with what they did with that advantage.

President Obama and his people had better begin working on seeing to it that progressives feel that all of their work and effort went toward accomplishing something useful and meaningful. If they'd reform the Senate so that they weren't spending all of their time trying to please a few rogue senators from small states and could concentrate on what the progressive majority wants, maybe they'd get a bit more enthusiasm from voters as a whole.

Richmond L Gardner


And you thought

Florida stood alone

Rest assured that I have eaten my last Boston baked bean and tasted my last piece of Boston cream pie. Massachusetts now joins Florida as a fellow recipient of the "Unanimity of Stupidity in a United States Election Award."

Jules Slatko


Fox News out

to remake GOP

Re: "Palin signs with Fox News," Jan. 12:

There should be little surprise in Fox News' announcement that Sarah Palin will be joining the network's lineup. It's more likely that this event is not so much about Palin. She's just a shooting star.

Although the network may make her a more viable candidate in 2012, Fox seems more interested in establishing a new conservative party. The GOP - or whatever is left of it by 2012 - has little reason to rejoice.

John Wenderoth


No real choice

in public spending

When the economy gets bad, marginal retailers begin to fail because of falling demand. But public library patronage may actually increase.

What's happening is that people make use of "free" facilities because the money is already spent on them. People have been forced to pay for them as part of funding local government. What's remarkable is that nongovernment stores and libraries do so well when people have money to spend.

Is it better to force people to support things that they may not want, or let them decide what they want and then pay for it? If you're a socialist or a tyrant, press 1; if you believe in the free market, press 2.

Martin Cohen

Melrose Park