More than one

type of 'flash mob'

After reading about flash mobs in Philadelphia, it has occurred to me that the tea-party gatherings are, in fact, flash mobs, too. Instead of using violence, although there has been some, their charismatic leaders use verbally violent speeches to incite their followers, who are essentially people angry about life in general and are being led to funnel that anger into a cause.

Listening to interviews with them on TV, answering questions posed about health-care reform, the economy, and the state of the union in general, leads me to believe that they really don't know what they are angry about.

They are just mad, and are being led in a particular direction for the sole purpose of promoting the people leading them.

It is an adult flash mob, brought together by texting and the Internet, and just as dangerous as the mobs roaming South Street because they are adults buying into misinformation and misplaced anger.

Francine Strauss



isn't the same man

It would appear that the metamorphosis and moral collapse of Michael Smerconish is complete. Though Smerconish wrote a few weeks ago about his intention to register as an independent for future elections, his recent columns reveal a man who has left moderate behind and is embracing the radical left. His columns now resemble the manner in which the mainstream media report the rest of the news: omission of relevant information, outright lies, and purposeful befuddlement.

Sunday's column for instance ("No more Mister Nice Guys"), was intended to be a "serious" discussion about the lack of civility developing out of the health-care debate. Smerconish opened by relating the threats and harsh manner in which Rep. Bart Stupak was treated after supporting Obamacare and revealing he is not a pro-life Democrat.

But what Smerconish failed to relate to his readers was that prior to changing his vote, Stupak endured months of threats and vitriol from the left for not supporting Obamacare.

Weston Veith

Penn Valley

This country is

too big to fail, too

With all of the recent initiatives of the progressive/socialist wing of the Democratic party, a repeated mantra has been: "They are too big to fail." They being the auto companies, the financial institutions, the mortgage and insurance companies, and the health-care industry, among others.

What worries me is that the one entity that they don't seem to think is too big to fail is the United States of America. They are doing their best to bankrupt this nation and put us on the same playing field as those socialist-style governments in Europe and around the world that are not working.

R.E. Barras Sr.

North Wales

Nothing wrong

with being European

How can "European-style" be bad, as in "European-style health care"? It seems to be a new pejorative cooked up by the right wing.

But I've been thinking for awhile that Europe is much more civil than we are. Europeans are not afraid to be called socialist when they take care of their people. They don't want them eating tampered-with food.

At least Germany didn't fall for the Wall Street devastators. What's not to like?

Betty Durso

Drexel Hill

East Jerusalem

is the Palestinians'

When articles report that Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim supporters view East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory, they are presenting a half-truth.

The fact is that the entire international community, including the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations itself, has also continually asserted that East Jerusalem is Palestinian territory.

After the Six-Day War in 1968, Israel seized the Palestinian area of East Jerusalem. This illegal land grab was denounced by the United Nations, and that world body issued a declaration demanding that Israel return East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. America voted in favor of that declaration.

When Israel asserts East Jerusalem is its territory, it stands alone. The rest of the world holds to the fact that East Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians. Until Israel acknowledges that fact, there will be no chance for a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

William Cooney


Let Atlantic City

vote on casino

By signing Senate Bill 920, which bans referendums on local development ordinances, Gov. Christie will block the citizens of Atlantic City from voting against a $300 million taxpayer subsidy to finance the completion of the Revel Casino.

The prime backer of the uncompleted casino is Morgan Stanley, along with a consortium of entities from China. Let's remember this is the same Morgan Stanley that received $10 billion in bailout funds from the taxpayers last year.

Meanwhile, Christie wants to balance the state budget on the backs of the poor and middle class. USA Today ranks New Jersey highest in the nation with more than 200,000 millionaires and Forbes lists four billionaires. Yet, in the end, it's schools and the working class who will absorb the burden of New Jersey's debt.

Stacy Pendergrast

Mount Tabor