The Inquirer acted hastily in endorsing the proposal for the existing Family Court Building, on Logan Square ("Court disorder," Saturday). Gov. Rendell stated that the city and state had reached agreement that the building would be used for a hotel and museum. This statement raises many questions:

1) What role does the state have in determining the future use of this city-owned property?

2) How did the city and state determine that this was the most appropriate and most feasible use?

3) What museum is the governor referring to? I know of only one museum seeking a site in Philadelphia, and that is the Civil War Museum.

4) Why does the city propose to turn this building over to a private developer four years before it will even be vacated and available?

5) Do the Philadelphia Code and the City Charter even allow that?

6) Why would the city sell this important building at all? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to negotiate a long-term lease?

John Andrew Gallery

Executive director, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia