Our "representatives" in Congress for decades have spent more money than they have. We now have the largest federal debt in the world. Our finances are so shaky that foreign countries, like China, are telling us that we had better get our act together.

There is no action whatsoever in Congress directed toward paying off some of the debt and its enormous interest cost. There is only talk about how much the debt is going to be increased by continuing the deficits. Common sense tells us that no country (or family) can live beyond its means forever. A day of reckoning has already come for Greece. If our federal debt bubble bursts, it will make the mortgage bubble look like child's play.

The only action that we personally can take to solve the problem is to vote all incumbents out of Congress. New members will have incentive to fix the problem. If they fail, we can vote them out. Both parties have failed us. Both have increased the debt with unrestrained spending. If we go into the voting booths and pull the same old levers, we are going to get the same old ballooning debt.

Wm. Feldbaumer