Hazleton, Pa.'s "Voice of the People USA" and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer just don't get it. We can put all the troops we want on the border, and pass all the laws we want, and it won't slow the tide of illegal immigration, not even a bit ("Rally backs tough Ariz. law," Sunday).

You quote an Arizona resident as saying, "If you want to come here, there's ways to do it." No there aren't.

Except for certain seasonal workers, the waiting time for a work visa from Guatemala or Honduras is nine years (seven if the worker is skilled). There are no visas at all for nonseasonal workers from Mexico unless they have a master's degree. (The numbers change from time to time; from last October until April, the wait for Mexicans was eight to nine years.) As long as our antiquated immigration laws fail to provide U.S. employers with the workers they need on a timely, efficient basis, illegal immigration will supply them.

It's not about lawbreakers. It's about broken laws.

Matthew D. Baxter

Huntingdon Valley