Several Pennsylvania counties are giving citizens another reason to take pride in serving on a jury by affording jurors the opportunity to donate their nominal day's pay to good causes.

Montgomery County this month became the latest county to launch a charity donor program, modeling its effort after similar programs running in Delaware and Allegheny Counties.

In just the first few days, $500 was donated by Montco jurors, county officials said. But the potential upside in charitable donations - earmarked for neglected children, the mentally ill, and victims of domestic violence - is far greater. The need is clearly there as many social service agencies confront budget shortfalls.

Since 2003, Delaware County has raised $450,000 for various causes. As residents of many well-off communities, Montgomery jurors should be able to match that and more.

Not many jurors will miss the $9 to $12 a day, plus 17 cents per mile in travel expenses, but the charitable causes will benefit by bundling the pay of many jurors.

For jurors, donating their pay is another good way to demonstrate citizenship. For county court officials, the charity program provides yet another incentive to maintain initiatives that minimize the inconvenience of serving on juries since grumpy jurors are less likely to be generous.