The Chamber of Commerce is trying to stop tens of thousands of working Philadelphians - nearly half of the city's workforce - from getting paid sick days ("Business opposes sick-leave proposal," Friday). It is a shameful position that cannot be justified on moral, public health, or business grounds.

All too often, Philadelphia workers must go to work ill because they can't afford to lose a day's pay when they are barely able to make ends meet and support their family. Responsible businesses understand that no worker should have to choose between losing a day's pay and coming to work sick or not caring for a sick child, and that paid sick days don't harm the economy. When workers come to work sick, they're not at their best and they risk spreading their illness to coworkers and others.

Claims that sick-day laws are somehow job killers are simply not supported by the evidence. In fact, studies show that San Francisco's paid sick-leave law did not lead to job loss and the city actually continued to outperform surrounding counties on employment. Working families are counting on City Council members to speak out for them and do the right thing on this issue.

Wayne MacManiman

Mid-Atlantic Area Director, 32BJ SEIU