Stephen P. Kunz's screed against hydraulic fracking ("Coal set the stage for natural-gas free-for-all," Thursday) actually worked to endorse the drilling-for-gas technique.

My family has lived in and around the western Pennsylvania coal regions for 50 years, and not once in anyone's memory has long-wall mining ever been mentioned as an environmental concern. On the contrary, for decades, long-wall mining has saved thousands of coalfield jobs and helped make those jobs safer.

It is interesting that in so long a piece about the environmental horrors of long-wall mining, Kunz cites not one example of such a project gone bad.

Rather than publishing anybody with something bad to say about fracking - irrespective of whether any facts are adduced to support the argument - The Inquirer might want to expose the easily demonstrated environmental harm done by ethanol production and wind turbines.

Ridding the world of those energy money pits would be good for our wallets and the environment.

Michael B. Hudson