Planting seeds of job growth

Gov. Corbett's trade missions have benefited the entire state, and demonstrate his dedication to bringing well-paying jobs to Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, the result will be a world-leading port. When the governor negotiated the refineries deal here, he saved hundreds of jobs. His latest deal to bring in a containerized-cargo shipper, Horizon Lines Inc., is another example of how Corbett continuously comes up with creative ways to grow jobs.

Benjamin Fogel, Bala Cynwyd,

Bishop never lost touch

While a consultant to Cardinal Justin Rigali, I worked with then-Auxiliary Bishop Joseph P. McFadden on a sexual-assault prevention and education program for high school sophomores in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. But McFadden, who died two weeks ago, could be found amongst his flock whether he was at the local country club, or at a pub sharing a sandwich and beer. While in Philadelphia, he was responsible for schools, religious education, and a capital campaign, yet could be found on a summer evening walking the streets of parishes, ministering to parishioners he met sitting on their front steps.

Mary Achilles, Mechanicsburg

Fealty to the process, sometimes

Three full years after the Affordable Care Act was passed over Republican obstructionist actions, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Jr. (R., Ky.) recently found it necessary to remind us that Democrats will be to blame for its certain failure. He chides President Obama for failing to take GOP concerns public. But isn't that all McConnell has ever done - express concerns without any real interest in moving forward? His colleague Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) recently said in an e-mail update on his failed gun control legislation that "the Senate has spoken on the subject, and it's time to move on." It seems that the GOP respects democracy, and wants to move on, only when it likes the result.

Peter Matthews, Garnet Valley,

Don't they get enough attention?

From professional athlete to comedienne to the military, if you can shoot the jumper, make people laugh, and fly the jet, so what if you're gay or lesbian? It's irrelevant. So when celebrities feel compelled to enlighten us about their sex lives, it appears to be just posturing for publicity.

Mitch Gertz, Abington

Muslim voice of reason silenced

Where are the Christian voices in this country speaking up about the murder of innocent Muslims by U.S. drones, following the recent drone strike in Yemen that killed a cleric who had been preaching about the evils of al-Qaeda? As some Christians have said, it is important that moderate Muslims speak up and renounce those who commit violence.

Rev. Beth Gassert Lyon, Glenside