Encouraging words: Speak up

As someone who stutters, the most important thing to me is that chef Marc Vetri says he is not ashamed of stuttering ("Marc Vetri opens up about living with a stutter," May 14). People of my generation and earlier were made to feel ashamed. In my childhood, I never once read a positive newspaper article about stuttering, and would have loved to have known that a famous chef shared my speech problem. No doubt, Vetri's story will inspire young people - as does the online list (www.stutteringhelp.org) of the famous known to stutter, including Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, James Earl Jones, Lewis Carroll, Emily Blunt, Carly Simon, and many more role models just like Vetri.

Ed DePhillips, Fort Lee, N.J.

Have a heart (support group)

The recent health-section article on physician-group education and support sessions convinced me that a group medical setting is an excellent way to help people with heart disease - a condition that can often be stabilized and even reversed through medication, exercise, and diet, rather than costly surgery and lifelong care.

But when I asked the American Heart Association to help me find a support group in Northeast Philadelphia, I could not locate a single heart group. The Northeast has 600,000 residents and many seniors, and yet local support for heart disease patients appears to be minimal.

Richard Iaconelli, Philadelphia, ispost_rich@yahoo.com

Drivers, even one drink too many

It's good that states are being urged to lower the blood-alcohol limit in order to reduce drunken driving. There is also an ad campaign stating that "buzzed driving is drunk driving" and it should, in theory, make the proposed mandates meaningless. After all, the campaign recognizes that there is no safe limit for impairing your faculties when lives are at stake.

Joseph Carducci, Pittsburgh

Depriving Gosnells of patients

Kermit Gosnell's patients should be held just as accountable as the convicted killer himself for choosing a late-term abortion. Even in cases of rape, an earlier abortion could have been performed. Abortion should not be equated with birth control, used frivolously to end an unwanted pregnancy that could have been prevented with some forethought, education, and birth control. So let's put the blame where it belongs - on women not acting responsibly. If women lived accountably, doctors like Gosnell would have no patients.

Michele Guerin, Media

Two more deserving beneficiaries

Former Mayors W. Wilson Goode Sr. and Ed Rendell should consider a fund-raising campaign for me and my husband ("Fattah son legal fund launched," May 12). Both of us are hardworking citizens who never misused any campaign funds, and we need a new car. Neither of us is politically well-connected, nor do we have a stepmother who is a highly paid TV news anchor. Even though the mayors haven't known us since we were born, we could both be described as "good kids" who know the difference between right and wrong.

Cindy Fogarty, Schwenksville cfogarty@hotmail.com