Unfettered critic

In the report on Bucks County steel company executive William H. Marsh's disdain for the federal government and the safety inspector who cited his firm for 10 violations with an $8,400 fine, Marsh blames a "disgruntled worker" for tipping off officials ("Taking a stand against OSHA," Dec. 6). Yet details of the plant hazards are never fully examined. Instead, we read of a visit by a congressional aide and state lawmaker who, together with Marsh, rail against an agency supposedly "gone rogue." The story concludes with Marsh's warning that taxes and regulation threaten a resurgence in manufacturing.

Since when does a newspaper provide a bully pulpit for advocating unfettered capitalism and denouncing an agency created to protect workers against exploitation and harm? And if this is a cry for further erosion of regulation to promote job creation, let's get on with it: Abolish clean-air, water, seat-belt, and child-labor laws. Then maybe we can really get this country rolling again?

Paul Mercurio, Lafayette Hill

Steadfast support

Following the recent passing of my father, Dr. Walter P. Lomax Jr., my mother, siblings, and I, as owners of the Lomax Companies, have proudly reaffirmed our 12.3 percent equity position in PHL Local Gaming. That investment makes us the largest African American, and largest minority, equity participant among the bidders for Philadelphia's second casino license.

As a PHL board member, and the only minority board member of any bidding company, I have been integrally involved in every major decision throughout the yearlong bidding. I've added my business and financial experience to the more than 100 years of aggregate casino-industry knowledge of fellow board members, and Joe Procacci's 65 years of business and executive leadership. Also, PHL Local Gaming has announced that, should it be licensed, it will add to its board Judge Nelson A. Diaz, a distinguished Hispanic leader with years of corporate and legal experience. It's no coincidence, therefore, that PHL Local Gaming's application included the most aggressive diversity goals in virtually every category. We will match them against those of any bidder for completeness and top-level support, which will ensure that they occur.

Bennett P. Lomax, board member, PHL Local Gaming LLC

Built team spirit

When he hosted children from the Katie At The Bat Team programs and their families at his annual Thad-a-Claus party on Sunday, 76er Thaddeus Young heard about our sports and character-building programs, and went out of his way to include more than 75 of us as his guests. He and his teammates and coaches made it a special day for the hardworking kids and their families - and served as a perfect example of quiet goodness and character.

Marian Fischer Pearlman, executive director, Katie at the Bat Team, Narberth

Recall Ol' Blue Eyes

Frank Sinatra was born 98 years ago and became a legend through movies, recordings, and concerts after singing with the great big bands. The anniversary of his birth Thursday was a moment to remember his gifts. I also recalled his helping people and supporting civil rights, and doing so anonymously.

Herb Stark, Mooresville, N.C., frankdean@mi-connection.com

Sees only caring

It is not uncommon to see Kate Decker ride her bicycle around Moorestown with one of her dogs happily running beside her ("Animal lover, SPCA square off," Nov. 29). When our family rescued a pit bull, Kate spent hours showing us how to train her with patience and love. For the years of compassionate devotion to caring and trying to help aid pets lost or in need of care, she should be greatly rewarded, not persecuted.

Denise Casario, Moorestown, cwwmus@aol.com