City Council has lost all credibility when it comes to bailing out Philadelphia's cash-strapped public schools. Its members may sound concerned, but if they were, they wouldn't continue to sit on $120 million in potential sales-tax revenue that they could give to the schools with one vote.

Council President Darrell L. Clarke on Monday condescendingly assured Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. that Council would "pony up more money" because "we always do." But it is Clarke's insistence that half the sales-tax money be used for pension relief that is blocking its use for schools. He and Mayor Nutter must look elsewhere to pay for pensions.

Of course, Harrisburg should do more to fund public education, not just here but across Pennsylvania. But the city has to recognize that its children can't afford to wait for the state to live up to its responsibility.

Clarke rightly stressed the need for more accountability. The School District must achieve better academic results. But that equation begins with adequate funding.