Attorney General Kathleen Kane's reckless treatment of facts surrounding the sexual assault investigation of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky threatens to undermine her office.

Kane's election in 2012 was in part due to the public's response to her allegation that Gov. Corbett, when he was attorney general, delayed the Sandusky case because he feared political damage to his 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

An independent examiner reported Monday that there was no evidence of that. Rather than let it go at that, however, Kane suggested that "inexplicable delays" in Corbett's investigation of Sandusky gave him time to abuse two more boys.

She then made matters worse by issuing a self-righteous statement Tuesday in which members of her staff supported her assertion about the two boys, only to backpedal later, saying one boy was actually among those Sandusky was charged with assaulting. It was unclear when the other boy was attacked.

By speaking out of turn, Kane has again left the impression that she chooses facts to support her smears.