As owner and publisher of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and, I am honored to ensure that this region has the benefit of a free press. The public service that this company provides is a commitment I take very seriously. I also know that we need to keep pushing and reviewing every corner of our operation to make sure we are providing our readers and users with the news and information they need most.

To that end, Sunday's editorial represents a shift in the way we will approach some elections. Instead of an endorsement for governor, I asked the editorial boards of both The Inquirer and the Daily News to provide a summary of where the candidates stand on the critical issues facing the state, as well as the positions each paper has taken on those issues, and then let the voters decide who they think is most qualified.

My aim is simple: to help people make informed decisions about their vote. We will still endorse certain candidates in the future. But I want to use this opportunity to hear from you about this new approach. Is it useful? Will it help or hinder your decision about whom to vote for? Do our newspapers' endorsements matter to you? If so, why?

Please let me know by e-mailing me at or sending a note to my attention at 801 Market St., Suite 300, Philadelphia 19107. As we try different approaches in the coming year, I'll be interested in your ideas and input.

But above all, do go to the polls and vote Tuesday, Nov. 4. It is a right and responsibility of all Americans.