Pothole heroes

Last winter was one for the record books. The storms and prolonged cold wreaked havoc on our roads. This long-overdue letter is to thank all the local, county, and state workers who tirelessly worked this summer to repair all the roads.

|James T. Dodaro, Furlong,


Free speech jailed

I find it difficult to understand how the totally unrelated activities of someone imprisoned for years - after being convicted of a serious murder - can perpetuate the crime and cause its victims to "relive that terror over and over again" ("Legislation will help relieve trauma of crime victims," Oct. 24). Nor can I understand how Harrisburg lawmakers, without hearings, passed a law related to the Mumia Abu-Jamal commencement speech that allows any crime victim, without a statue of limitation, to file a civil suit. It should not be the prerogative of a crime victim to decide what lifelong prisoners can and cannot do.

|Jean Haskell, Philadelphia


Sweetness, not light

Reading that the newest Dunkin' Donuts offerings include "a glazed croissant ring" reminded me of the morning I realized that, out of about 29 varieties of donuts at my local DD, only one - one! - was plain. Every other variety had a topping, glaze, icing, or sugar. Diabetes anyone?

|Marie Conn, Hatboro


Action team

The Obama/Reid dictatorship is over ("GOP wins U.S. Senate," Nov. 5). With a Mitch McConnell-led Senate, the pent-up legislation that obstructionist Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stifled will now find its way to the Oval Office. Elections have consequences, as someone once said, and President Obama can't hide from Republican initiatives anymore. The nation will see who has been holding us back.

|Stephen Hanover, Doylestown


Voters can feel removed from distant rep



Search for magic pill misses the mark

Does sex have an expiration date? For some women it does. Hormone imbalance caused by childbirth, hysterectomy, menopause, medication side effects, aging, pain, and long-term relationships can impact a woman's libido and arousal negatively. A major issue with the federal Food and Drug Administration considering approval of a low-libido drug for women is the expectation that one drug can remedy several problems ("Elusive issue of women's low libido," Oct. 29).

It is why off-label Viagra and testosterone, bio-identical creams, sex therapy, explicit sex videos, erotica, and the like may work for some women and not others. One reason for the success of 50 Shades of Grey is that many women credit the book with reviving their libido.

Everyone seems to be making decisions for women, from the FDA to various factions that believe libido issues can be remedied only with talk therapy or only with drugs. My experience as a clinical sexologist and sex educator has led me to believe women must be educated regarding their sexual health and given choices so they can ultimately have pleasurable and fun sex. Ageless sex is not an impossible concept, but we need to be open to many different ways to achieve it, and medications are certainly part of the picture.

|Susana Mayer, Philadelphia,


Relationships valued during difficult days

On behalf of the entire family of Charles R. "Bud" Hollenbach, thank you for the honor and respect recently shown by The Inquirer to our husband, father, and grandfather after he was in a car accident that led to his passing ("Charles Hollenbach, 89, coach," Oct. 22). The outpouring of support toward us from the community was truly overwhelming. We all know that Bud was never one to shy away from the limelight, but we're sure that he, too, would have been astounded by all the attention. It's times like these that teach us the infinite value of good relationships.

|Maggie, Jeff, and Mark Hollenbach, Perkasie