If Chip Kelly's moves lead to a losing season for the Eagles, he should be the one traded to another city.

So many Eagles are gone. Kelly will be perceived as a genius or an idiot who should be escorted out of town by the fans.

|JoAnn Williams, Media

One year is too soon to move on from Chip Kelly. He obviously has a plan, so let's see what he has in store.

|Colin Anglim, Springfield

When a recipe does not turn out well, it is more practical to tweak the ingredients than to trade the chef.

|June H. Paterson, Glen Mills

C'mon, Philly! God forbid Chip should succeed. All those Monday-morning quarterbacks would have to get a life.

|Richard J. Gross, Ambler

If the Eagles have a losing season, Chip will smile all the way back to the bank and a new coaching job in Oregon.

|Don Landry, Franconia

Kelly can avoid leading the Eagles to a losing season with or without the trades. Super Bowl contention is the operative standard.

|Don DeMarco, Philadelphia