We asked Gar Joseph, a former Daily News city editor, for his reflections on hearing that Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with the same type of brain cancer that Joseph is fighting himself:

Hey, Sen. John M. McCain, you like "Death Cab for Cuties?"
I think you do. Your pal Sen. Lindsey Graham says you "will never be afraid of … death."
I like it, too. You do the best you can with your length of time.

My brain quit in 2015. Docs had to dig a bunch of stuff out. Bad glioblastoma out, some of the good stuff still there. (Chop, chop. IQ from 127 to 95.)

Your life is changed forever with medicine, surgery and how you think. Will the medicine save you? Nah. Might keep life going for a while, though.

My personal challenge is to beat the death record. Within three years of having glioblastoma, 88 percent of victims are dead. So I'll mark it in September 2018. And wear my favorite T-shirt:

Schrödinger's cat is Dead AND Alive.

I like McCain's style. Not afraid of death. But I wanna beat the majority and win that 12 percent. I was a Kansas City Royals usher the year the team was born in 1969. Can I make the 50th Royals anniversary? Only Schrödinger's cat knows.