Post a story about race or guns, and people will have strong opinions about it. Our story about gun range billboards in South Jersey was no different.

The billboards in Voorhees and Pennsauken say: "The only time we take a knee…" and show the silhouette of a person shooting a rifle, with the website of the South Jersey Shooting Club at the bottom.

Activists say the billboards should be taken down because they are racially divisive and twist the message of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem — which is an effort to bring attention to systemic racism and police brutality against people of color. The gun range's owner says the signs honor veterans and have nothing to do with race. He says he won't remove them.

On the Facebook page, many of you responded strongly to both sides:

Will Davis offered a simple rebuke of the signs.

Buffy Seidel sought to point out irony.

So did Mark Bilinski:

Others strongly supported the billboards and said they have little do with race.

Janet Leberman Schultz said it's a stretch to call the billboards racist.

Marlayne Dundovich said she respects the right to protest but that kneeling during the anthem is offensive.

What do you think of the billboards? Tell us on the Facebook post.

[Read the original story: 'Racist' gun range billboards in South Jersey should come down, activists say. The range's owner disagrees.]