Conshocken Borough Council will be putting the skateboard ordinance to a vote on June 18 at Borough Hall.

The borough allows all other manner of recreational activity, including pick-up basketball, baseball and football. We allow bike riding, roller skating and scooters. Yet when it comes to skateboarding, there is a pronounced concern over liability.

However, an ordinance can be written that places the assumption of risk on the skater and makes it the skater's responsibility to insure himself, absolving the borough of liability.

We are simply asking Borough Council to allow our children to skateboard in all the existing parks in the borough. We had asked they be allowed to skate anywhere in the borough, but it is clear this position will never pass, so our compromise alternative is the parks.

As parents, we want to keep our children safe and close to home instead of having them go to surrounding communities to participate in a healthy activity they love, putting them at risk by crossing dangerous streets.

Let's not wait until another one of our borough children is gravely injured before Borough Council changes this outdated ordinance. Please come to the Borough Council meeting on June 18 and let Council know how you feel. Let's all work to keep our kids safe.

Robert Krensel