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In search of the Declaration

Storytelling, sleuthing in historic Philadelphia.

A chicken encounters something new at the zoo.
A chicken encounters something new at the zoo.Read more

The Colonial Kids' Quest to help Colonial Philadelphia personality Phineas Bell find his copy of the Declaration of Independence begins Saturday at the Independence Living Center.

Transported back in time, families can try a one-hour detective route to various historic sites searching for the clues that will help them find and preserve the Philadelphia treasure, to be read by Colonel Nixon publicly for the first time on July 8, 1776.

Along the way, junior detectives will be challenged to find Bell's runaway dog, Freedom, and will meet characters such as Hannah Lee and her puppet frog Francois; Cuban Cook Isabel from City Tavern with her pet goose, Graciela; and Sister Elizabeth, a Quaker woman with her pet mouse Nibbles, along with Sansom the Printer and his cat Broadside.

Beginning at 10:30 a.m., children also can enjoy the Historical Storytellings, which will be held daily throughout the summer at 13 bench stations in Philadelphia's Historic District.

Uniformed storytellers will provide brief, five-minute recaps of historical events that occurred at the very locations where visitors can learn about them. Children will be able to pick up Story Flags at any bench location and collect 13 stars to redeem for a History Heroes Certificate and coupon book.

Discover Mexican culture amid the bookshelves

Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library will explore traditions of Mexico on Saturday with historical teachings, story readings, and Mexican-style crafts to coincide with the library's Passports to the World program.

The monthly program, presented by the library's Youth Services Department, was created for school-age children and their families to learn about world cultures. Past editions have focused on India, Ireland and Greece.

Philadelphia Zoo celebrates children

The Philadelphia Zoo will mark the end of spring on Saturday and Sunday with talks and activities during Children's Zoo Kickoff Weekend.

Families can pet and brush goats and sheep and learn about armadillos, macaws, birds of prey, and chinchillas, all "animal ambassadors" during several talks involving live animals. In the Children's Zoo, visitors also can learn about animal care and why zookeepers think rats can make great pets.

Teachings about invertebrates will take place in the Backyard Bugs area, and newly hatched chicks and ducklings can be found in the hatchery. Activity and coloring tables will be set up for children. The annual sheep-shearing demonstrations will be held Saturday only. The new Chicken Challenge, where trained chickens compete in an obstacle course, will be held throughout the weekend in the Children's Theater.