Things You'll Need:

Large Sheet of Paper
Sticky Notes

Grouping pictures together on a wall can really make a statement, but it can be intimidating.

1. Lay a large sheet of paper out on the floor. Play with arranging the pictures on the paper. Remember that the top line of an arrangement should be level to guide the eye in the right direction.

2. When you're finished, trace around each picture frame to make a template.

3. Number each picture with a sticky note and write that number on the template.

4. Remove the pictures. As you do, flip each over and use a ruler to measure how far down you will need the nail and mark that on your template.

5. Attach the template to the wall with some tape, and gently tap an awl at each spot you've marked for your nails.

6. Take down the paper and put in the nails. Then you can hang the pictures according to the numbers on your map.