Things You'll Need :

Plastic Wrap
CD and Movie Holders
Tissue Paper

If you're moving out, grab a roll of plastic wrap; you won't believe how handy it is!

1. Take out drawer organizers and wrap the entire thing in plastic wrap, no need to pack and unpack and reorganize, you'll be able to unpack and unwrap in no time!

2. This same idea is perfect for CD and movie holders, wrap the entire rack and move it easily with out taking up extra packing space.

3. Use the plastic around tables with drawers, it will both protect the wood and keep the drawers from sliding out of place. It will also keep wood furniture from getting scratched in the moving van, so wrap it around beds, dressers and chairs to protect them too!

4. How about TV remotes, you can never find them once you get to where you're going, right? Well, grab some tissue paper and cover the screen of the television and then wrap the TV and the remote together in plastic wrap. You won't have to dig through boxes to find the remote. You can also use this tip for DVD players and stereos too!

5. Never knew a roll of plastic wrap could be so handy?