Les droits des rois, the rights of royalty, meant that kings and, to a lesser degree queens, were above the law because they were divine. Their authority came from G-d.

It's a theory long-abandoned except in the celebrity-filled world of "TMZ," "People," "Entertainment Tonight," and "US." Athletes, movie stars, politicians, and, sadly, even clergy, act as if they live in a consequence-free zone.

While President Obama champions Empowerment Zones, famous people promote Entitlement Zones. “I get to do what I want when I want because I’m so famous or rich or both. I don’t have to pay the price.” Or as former Queen of Mean Leona Helmsley said:  “Taxes are for the little people.”
How ironic that she went to prison for tax evasion. One can only manage the image or brand just so far. 
So, what are Tiger Woods and wife Elin entitled to? Is it more than money can buy or is it everything that money CAN buy? 
The two, drinking deeply for years from the well of public adulation (read: endorsements and many perks enjoyed by both, now want to just shut the door and claim “We need our privacy.” How much of the family life is off limits if you’re literally selling yourself as a family man? He was the brand and she was Mrs. Brand. She didn’t marry the caddy.
PepsiCo just announced that they were withdrawing Gatorade’s Tiger drink, but they say, that was in the works for months .... And I’m Marie, the Queen of Romania.
Tiger is merely the latest athlete whose exceptional sport performances guaranteed that rule violations, originally smoothed away by coaches and teachers, can now be smoothed away by lawyers, agents, PR consultants (he should fire his), and corporate CEOs. Apparently, everyone on the golf tour is greeting each report of a new babe as “Duh.” 
Talk show host Jay Leno said Monday night that Tiger's sexual escapades eclipse that of the NBA's. Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump reportedly have Tiger’s “back.” Oy. 
Tiger’s BFF, Byron Bell, he of the making of arrangements to fly Rachel Uchtel to Australia to give Tiger that extra nudge for the Big Win at the Australia Open (see, even that is now ironic), is getting married this weekend and the Woods have changed their RSVP card to a Regrets … and Bell is now reportedly claiming that Tiger was not scheduled to be the Best Man.
Tiger’s alleged harem, including wife Elin, a friend's former nanny, seems to have consisted entirely of women who worked in the service industry: nightclub hostess, pancake waitress, actress wannabees. Not a professional woman or a non-Caucasian among them. Tiger has made much of his multicultural background but chose only those who represented the most hackneyed prize for the star athlete – the girls who might not go out with him if he didn’t bring the cash and cache.
Is Tiger entitled to continue to rake in millions of dollars in endorsements now that we know how wholeheartedly he meant, “Just do it?” 
It’s not as if he had an accidental “Oh, was my zipper open?” moment. He was swooping his fly up and down so often, apparently, that it probably gave him golf elbow. Or was it by the seemingly endless texting? No wonder he needed Vicodin.
 Is Elin entitled to change her pre-nup to a reported $80 million “nup,” which may very well be the precursor to the post-nup (aka, the divorce settlement)? If she is bringing in lawyers for this damage-control security deposit, then is she there for her love of Tiger and their children?
Lawyers come into marital discord primarily to handle the financials. In high-profile cases like this, as with Kobe Bryant and a host of other philanderers, so do the jewelers, furriers and Realtors. Husbands come and go but diamonds and real estate are forever. 
Elin reportedly bought a $2 million home in her native Sweden over a month ago, in her name only. Just one of the many lovely parting gifts she’ll get as she is voted off Celebrity Island. 
This all reminds me of the famous quote (attributed to both the playwright George Bernard Shaw and the former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill). 
Prominent and very senior British man to lovely young woman: “Would you sleep with me for one million pounds sterling?”
“Yes,” she hesitatingly said. “I suppose I would.”
“How about for a shilling?”
“What do you think I am?” she replied indignantly.
“Oh, he said, calmly, “That has already been established. Now we are merely haggling over price.”
What Tiger is learning, albeit very late in the game, is that not everything can be bought with fame and high credit-card limits. Integrity, trust and respect all have to be earned. This is one bunker he’s going to have trouble getting out of … I hope he makes it.

Ann Rosen Spector is a Clinical Psychologist in Center City Philadelphia and an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers-Camden.