Philly and New York have a natural, if sometimes unhealthy, rivalry. It's the proximity of the cities, it's the teams being division rivals in all four sports, it's the Yankees being from New York.

Here are some memorable moments, Philadelphia vs. New York:

1. Chuck Bednarik knocks out Frank Gifford - Nov. 20, 1960.

Concrete Charlie says that it was like any other. But because of Frank Gifford's stature, the opponent, and the severity of the outcome - it is one that will live forever.

"It was one of those typically tough games between the Giants and Eagles in the middle of November," Bednarik explained to Football Digest. "I just hit him high in the chest about as hard as I could. His head snapped, and he went flying one way and the ball went flying another."

The Eagles wound up winning their third - and most recent - NFL championship later that season.

2. Miracle at the Meadowlands - Nov. 19, 1978.

Giants fans call it "The Fumble," but Eagles fans know it as the Miracle at the Meadowlands. With 31 seconds left and the Eagles trailing 17-12, all the Giants had to do was run out the clock. Rather than kneel one more play and end the game, the Giants tried a handoff. Joe Pisarcik tried to give the ball to Larry Csonka, there was a fumble and Eagles defensive back Herman Edwards scooped it up and ran 26 yards for the winning touchdown.

3. Miracle at the Meadowlands II - Dec. 19, 2010

You could say there were two miracles on Sunday - DeSean Jackson's punt return on the final play that beat the Giants, or the Eagles rallying from a 31-10 deficit. With the stakes so high - both teams tied for first place in the NFC East - and so late in the season, the miraculous finish gave the Eagles control of their playoff destiny.

4. Jim Bunning's

Perfect Game vs. Mets -

June 21, 1964.

In just the third month of Shea Stadium's existence, Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game against the Mets on Father's Day. It was the first perfect game in the National League in 84 years.

5. Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points vs. Knicks at Hershey - March 2, 1962.

Wilt Chamberlain remains the only player in the NBA to score 100 points in a game. He scored exactly 100 in the Warriors' 169-147 victory over the Knicks at Hersheypark Arena.

Honorable mention

* Dave Schultz bloodies Rolfe, May 5, 1974, conference finals: Forty seconds into Game 7 of the semifinals, Dave Schultz pounded New York defenseman Dale Rolfe while his Rangers teammates stood and watch. The Flyers went on to win the game and the series and 2 weeks later, their first Stanley Cup.

* Brian Westbrook's punt return, Oct. 19, 2003: Westbrook's 84-yard punt return with 1:16 to play beat the Giants, 14-10.

* 1950 Whiz Kids clinch National League pennant at Ebbets Field: On the season's final day, the Phillies win the pennant in Brooklyn on Dick Sisler's three-run homer in the 10th inning.

* NL East races in 2007, 2008: The Phillies overcame the Mets in the NL East to win their first two division titles since 1993.

* Shootout win saves season, 2010: On the final day of the regular season, with a playoff spot on the line, the Flyers get into the playoffs with a shootout win. The Rangers go golfing, the Flyers go to the Stanley Cup finals.