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Just think of golf as link to some fun & exercise

Q: I met you at a Philly restaurant and you couldn't have been nicer as we chatted about golf. I am now getting back into the game and having a hard time. I am a 30 handicap and getting very frustrated. Please help. - Mulligan from Mullica Hills

A: Hey, bro, i give you a lot of credit for still wanting to play with a 30 handicap. I know people - no names offered - who would throw their clubs in the Schuylkill River and take up pingpong rather than play with a 30 handicap. The best advice I can give is if you really enjoy it, keep at it. You're not playing for prize money, just fun and exercise. The more you play, the more your game should improve. Talk to a club pro if you can or some good players to pick up some tips and see if it helps your game. I now know that I'll probably never win the green jacket, but that doesn't make golf any less enjoyable for me. Stay with it and just have fun.

Q: Every year around this time, my husband and I drive from Royersford to Florida to visit relatives. My husband insists on doing all the driving. It is much easier on me, but we're not getting any younger. Any thoughts on how to ask if we can share the load? - Royersford Road Warrior

A: That's a long drive. If you're a good driver and willing to share the trip he should go along with it. Maybe you should make it interesting and assign states. Give him Pennsylvania and Delaware and you take Maryland. Maybe trade him the Carolinas for a state of your choice. If that doesn't work, tell him you're going to sing in the car the whole way down till he gives up the wheel. A few Duran Duran songs might be enough for him to pull over.


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