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Yankees' homage to 'Sandlot' a home run

The Bronx Bombers have fun recreating scene from the film.

This image is from a Yankees video in which player recreated a scene from "The Sandlot."
This image is from a Yankees video in which player recreated a scene from "The Sandlot."Read

SAY WHAT you want about the Yankees, but they know how to have fun.

In an ad recently posted on, a group of players recreated the scene of the movie "The Sandlot," in which a kid named Smalls is surrounded by teammates after their baseball lands in a fenced-in yard guarded by a supposedly vicious dog nicknamed "The Beast."

Smalls tells the boys not to worry about getting the ball back because it was given to his father by a woman who had even signed her name on it: Babe Ruth.

Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner plays Smalls in the clip. The rest of the "Sandlot" crew includes centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, pitchers Dellin Betances and CC Sabathia, infielder Didi Gregorius and catcher Brian McCann (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the pudgy catcher in the film.)

As the team tries to explain that Babe Ruth is the Sultan of Swat, the Big Bambino etc., Smalls/Gardner says: "Yeah, yeah, you keep telling me that, but who is she?"

Speaking of the Yankees, it comes as no surprise that they topped Forbes annual valuation of MLB franchises for the 18th straight year.

The Bronx Bombers came in No. 1 at $3.2 billion, followed by the Dodgers ($2.4B) and Red Sox ($2.1B).

The Phillies came in 10th at $1.25 billion.

Utter madness

If you think your job stinks, just be thankful you don't work at Nebraska's Capitol building.

The powers that be are preventing employees from streaming NCAA Tournament games, saying in an email that they "want to ensure that the network doesn't have an issue with productivity as a result of several people video streaming March Madness during the work hours."

There's a very easy way to get around the policy: Call out sick.