Former NBA star Dee Brown taught his daughter the game of basketball. Unfortunately, he doesn't often get to see Maryland sharpshooter Lexie Brown play in person.

He will this weekend.

The Sacramento assistant coach and former slam- dunk champion is taking a break from his job and putting on his "dad hat" to see his daughter play in the women's Final Four.

Lexie Brown could not be more excited.

"It's going to be great. He couldn't have come at a better time," Brown said Thursday, shortly before the Terrapins headed to Tampa, Fla., for a showdown with Connecticut in the national semifinals on Sunday night.

"When I see my dad in the stands, it's calm times 100. It's like, 'I got this. My dad's here.' I can't wait."

Her father is pretty pumped, too, even though he has watched Lexie play often this season on television and video. After every game, he calls with advice.

"I'm a dad first. I just tell her: 'I'm proud of you, way to play hard.' And then I'm a coach second," said Brown, who will miss the Kings' game Sunday against the Utah Jazz.