MALCOLM JENKINS' heart belongs to his wife Morrisa. But his arm belongs to his college frat.

On the back page of Monday's Daily News was a picture of Jenkins having just picked off a pass from Tom Brady in the Eagles' 35-28 win over the Patriots and was about to dash 99 yards for the longest touchdown of his career. Within staff photographer Yong Kim's wonderful picture is what looks like a large tattoo on Jenkins' biceps.

"It's a brand, really," Jenkins said. "It hurt for about four seconds and then the nerves were burned off, basically, and I couldn't feel it anymore."

The mark is of the prestigious Omega Psi Phi fraternity, which Jenkins entered in 2007 while at Ohio State. "It was completely voluntary," he cracked. "It makes me look tough."

He was then reminded that 99-yard TD interceptions off Brady aren't too shabby, either.

"Yeah," Jenkins said, laughing. "That could do it, too."