FOR THE FIRST time since it was announced Monday that he was among the class of 2016 for the Basketball Hall of Fame, Allen Iverson met with the Philadelphia media Friday. In a 25-minute gathering, Iverson spoke of his love of the Philly fans, of his desire to play as hard as he could for them each and every night and his desire to continue to improve as a person.

While tearfully speaking of those who meant so much to him in his life and how he wanted to include them in his induction, he mentioned the late Phil Jasner, who also earned Hall of Fame induction for his 76ers coverage for the Daily News for 29 years. Jasner died in 2010.

"I wish Phil Jasner could be here right now," Iverson said. "I know he's looking down on me, and I know he's smiling right now. But he had our ups and downs, we had our little rifts. But now he's a Hall of Famer (with me)."

- Bob Cooney