The Flyers announced this morning that they are sending Danny Briere to the Phantoms for a two-game conditioning assignment.
It’s an unusual move for a top player, but general manager Paul Holmgren said it was necessary to make sure that Briere is ready to return to the lineup. It also likely a move to avoid having to add his salary to the team’s cap total before being sure he can play and prevents Holmgren from having to make roster moves to fit him in.
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Briere has missed all but nine games this season and has not played since Dec.2. He has suffered repeated groin-related problems and earlier had to undergo abdominal surgery.
“We are doing this just to make sure everything is okay with Danny,” Holmgren said. “This will give him the opportunity to play in some games prior to re-joining the Flyers. He will play two games with the Phantoms on Wednesday and Friday. He was absolutely receptive to this.”
The Phantoms host Worcester on Wednesday and Lowell on Friday at the Wachovia Spectrum.