Eagles defensive end Chris Clemons scared teammates and coaches when trainers had trouble bringing down his his body temperature, after Clemons left the morning workout with dehydration symptoms. Clemons eventually left Lehigh's A. Haigh Cundey Varsity House, where the Eagles dress and train, in the back of a white-and-blue City of Bethlehem Emergency Medical Sevices ambulance, which arrived with lights and siren running a little after 11:10 a.m

.Eagles officials forbade photographers and TV cameramen from shooting footage of Clemons being loaded into the ambulance, which was not running its siren when it departed at 11:27 a.m., preceded by a black unmarked police car. Clemons seemed to be conscious and sitting up on a stretcher, hooked to an IV, as he entered the ambulance, though reporters were kept about 40 feet away, across a road from the entrance to the fieldhouse.

Eagles coach Andy Reid and team security director Butch Buchanico followed the ambulance in a white SUV.

It wasn't oppressively hot during the morning session of Eagles training camp -- officially, temperatures were in the low 80s, under bright sun -- but at least a few players seemed to experience cramps or dehydration, Clemons most dramatically.

Clemons left the field on a motorized cart, with a tan ice-filled cooling cap on his head. When the cart got to to doorway of the fieldhouse, Clemons needed a trainer under each shoulder to get into the building. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb theorized that Clemons, 26, a free agent signee from the Raiders, was unaccustomed to the brisk pace of Eagles workouts.

"We're kind of adjusted to it," McNabb said at his scheduled news conference, minutes after Clemons was whisked away. "This is his first go-round."

McNabb said he knew little about the situation, beyond the fact that when McNabb came in from the field, Clemons was "just sitting there, they were throwing some cold rags on him."