The Cards and the Eagles have differing versions of what transpired draft weekend. The upshot, for Birds fans, is that the team just might not be as opposed to trading Sheldon Brown as it has publicly maintained.

Arizona's spin emerged via The Arizona Republic, with general manager Rod Graves saying the Eagles were one of two teams that made offers for wideout Anquan Boldin. Supposedly, the Eagles' offer was disgruntled corner Sheldon Brown and a third-round draft pick, an offer the Cards said they quickly turned down.

The Eagles' spin emerged, as it so often does, via WIP Radio's Howard Eskin. Eskin contends a source told him the Cards inquired about Brown, rather than the Eagles offering him.

Whose version is accurate? Who knows? It is tough to see why the Cards would be all that interested in Brown, having signed Bryant McFadden in free agency and released ex-Eagle Rod Hood, who isn't a bad corner, at all.

Again, the only thing that really matters here from an Eagles perspective is that the team really might be receptive to trading Brown, despite the vehement negative response to his trade request last month. But that has kind of been the assumption, anyway, since the Eagles traded for Ellis Hobbs.

Our parsing of all this somehow got mangled in Saturday's Daily News. Hope this version makes a bit more sense.