There have been eight sets of quarterbacks taken with the first two picks in an NFL draft class, as Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were in 2016. Sunday will mark only the seventh time those QBs have started against each other. The No. 1 pick is 4-2. Here's a look at the QBs drafted 1-2 in NFL history:


  1. Jared Goff, L.A. Rams
  2. Carson Wentz, Eagles

Goff was 0-7 as a rookie, but is 9-3 this season. Wentz went 7-9 in 2016. He's 10-2 this year and is a candidate for league MVP … Wentz, from North Dakota State, was the first quarterback selected with a top-two pick from an FCS/Division I-AA program since Louisiana Tech's Terry Bradshaw in 1970.


  1. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay
  2. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee

Mariota became the first quarterback in 51 years to throw four touchdown passes in his first game, as his Titans drilled Winston's Buccaneers, 42-14 … Both had promising starts to their careers, but they've settled into mediocrity. Tennessee is 8-3 this season despite Mariota being rated 27th among NFL QBs (Jay Cutler is 26th) … Winston missed three games with a shoulder injury this year and is 2-7, as the Bucs have been a disappointment.


  1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis
  2. Robert Griffin III, Washington

Luck's career has gone south since he had 40 TD passes and took the Colts to the AFC title game after the 2014 season. He will miss all of this season with a shoulder injury … Griffin took the Redskins to the playoffs while winning the 2012 rookie of the year. He went 6-19 over his next three seasons and is out of football. He couldn't even stick with the Browns, who cut him in March … Luck and Griffin never faced each other.


  1. Tim Couch, Cleveland
  2. Donovan McNabb, Eagles

Five quarterbacks went in the first 12 picks. Couch, Akili Smith (No. 3) and Cade McNown (No. 12) were busts. Daunte Culpepper (No. 11) went to three Pro Bowls and Donovan McNabb took the Eagles to five NFC Championship games, winning one … Couch and McNabb never played each other.


  1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
  2. Ryan Leaf, San Diego

"I'm looking forward to a 15-year career, a couple of trips to the Super Bowl and a parade through downtown San Diego," Leaf said after he was drafted. He couldn't have been more wrong … Manning beat Leaf in their only meeting in 1998 and won more MVP awards (five) than Leaf won games (four).


  1. Drew Bledsoe, New England
  2. Rick Mirer, Seattle

Bledsoe won 98 games in his career (same as McNabb) and took the Patriots to the Super Bowl after the 1996 season. His legacy, however, is sustaining the injury that opened the way for Tom Brady to become New England's starter in 2001 … Mirer went 24-44 in his career, mostly with Seattle, including a win over Bledsoe when they were  rookies in 1993. It was their only meeting.


  1. Jim Plunkett, New England
  2. Archie Manning, New Orleans

Plunkett won two Super Bowls with the Raiders, while Manning spent most of the 1970s running for his life on some really bad Saints teams … Plunkett won their three head-to-head matchups, which isn't a surprise, given that Manning lost nearly 75 percent of his starts (35-103-3) … Nowadays, Manning is better known as being the father of Peyton and Eli … Plunkett was 72-72 in his career, but 8-2 in the playoffs and was the MVP when the Raiders beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl following the 1980 season.

Jim Plunkett (16), who was drafted by the Patriots, eventually ended up with the Raiders where he won two Super Bowl titles, including this one over the Eagles following the 1980 season. Plunkett was the game’s MVP. (AP Photo/File)
AP Filr photo
Jim Plunkett (16), who was drafted by the Patriots, eventually ended up with the Raiders where he won two Super Bowl titles, including this one over the Eagles following the 1980 season. Plunkett was the game’s MVP. (AP Photo/File)


  1. Bobby Garrett, Cleveland
  2. Lamar McHan, Chicago Cardinals

Garrett had a speech impediment, which caused stuttering, and never played a game for the Browns … McHan spent five seasons with the Cardinals before he was traded to the Packers in 1959. He started the first seven games for Green Bay until first-year coach Vince Lombardi replaced him – with Bart Starr.

List Mania

One man's all-time quarterbacks and where they were drafted:

Year Rd. Overall
Tom Brady 2000 6th 199
Joe Montana 1979 3rd 82
John Elway 1983 1st 1
Peyton Manning 1998 1st 1
Brett Favre 1991 2nd 33
Dan Marino 1983 1st 27

Five best QBs taken No. 1 overall:

John  Elway 1983
Peyton Manning 1998
Terry Bradshaw 1970
Troy Aikman 1989
Joe Namath 1965

Five worst QBs taken No. 1 overall:

 JaMarcus Russell 2007
Bobby Garrett 1954
Harry Gilmer 1948
Randy Duncan 1961
King Hill 1958

Five best QBs taken No. 2 overall:

Sid Luckman 1939
Donovan McNabb 1999
Roman Gabriel 1962
Earl Morrall 1956
Archie Manning 1971

Five worst QBs taken No. 2 overall:

Ryan Leaf 1998
Lamar McHan 1954
Rick Norton 1966
Rick Mirer 1993
Bob Williams 1951