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Caption Contest: Chip Kelly Tebowing?

Tim Tebow as an Eagle? Has Chip Kelly lost his damn mind?

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Has Chip Kelly lost his damn mind?

According to multiple reports, Chip Kelly is shopping Matt Barkely, and if he can find a taker, he's likely to sign Tim Tebow as the Eagles third string quarterback.

Obviously, I'm a bit skeptical (why not sign Tebow now if Chip's interested?), but bringing Tebow in to workout shows the Eagles brain trust at least has a minor level of interest in the former Heisman winner. And Chip might be the one head coach in the league that could take advantage of Tebow's unique skills.

So is the Eagles interest in Tebow intriguing or frightening?

Submit your best ideas in the comments below, and use our cool Disqus commenting system to up-vote the captions you think should win (works better than telling me the ones I pick are terrible). You can tweet me suggestions, too - @RobTornoe. I'll pick the best and announce the results on Sunday.

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