THE STORY circulating the Internet about Corey Fisher's 105 points in a summer-league game actually appears to be true.

Fisher, it seems, put up the triple figures on Saturday at the Watson Gleason Playground in the Bronx, Fisher's 'hood.

Silly us for doubting the Internet.

A spokesman at Villanova was unable to reach Fisher for comment for us, but coach Jay Wright talked to him yesterday and shared a portion of the conversation with Daily News sports writer Bob Cooney.

"How do you score 105 points when I have to beg you to shoot?" Wright joked. "Next year, can you play with that same aggressiveness?"

The senior-to-be averaged 13.3 points for Villanova last year and had a career-high 24 against Georgetown in February.

"Where did you score 105 points?" Wright asked him, "and that's when he assured me it was in an All-Star game in his summer league."

Video of Fisher's ridiculous display hasn't surfaced, but, hopefully, a relative of Abraham Zapruder was there. (And if you don't know who Abraham Zapruder is, you need to diversify your surfing.)

Reportedly, Fisher had 72 points in the second half and hit 23 of 28 three-pointers, which would make Herb Magee proud.

"I guess if it was in a summer league," Wright continued, "Corey probably gave up 102 points if he scored 105."

Cardinal sin

Love Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips for calling the Cardinals a bunch of whiners.

Love even more the Cardinals responding with a three-game sweep of the Reds by a combined score of 21-8. They finished it off yesterday, 6-1, (see page 52). Phillips was 2-for-14 in the series.

"It certainly added fuel to our fire when you've got guys opening their mouth, saying stupid stuff," said Adam Wainwright, yesterday's winning pitcher. "But we only used that in a positive way. It's very unprofessional to fire back."

They meet one last time, Sept. 3-5 in St. Loo. *

- Ed Barkowitz

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