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O’Hanlon talks about facing alma mater

The way Fran O’Hanlon sees it, there’s only one downside to coaching against his alma mater.

PITTSBURGH - The way Fran O'Hanlon sees it, there's only one downside to coaching against his alma mater.

"Most of it's been great," said the one-time Villanova guard, whose Lafayette (22-10) team will play the top-seeded Wildcats (32-2) in an NCAA Tournament East Regional opener tonight at the Consol Energy Center. "We got a lot of pub in Philly, I've been in touch with a lot of friends. Now we've got to go play the game. That's the only thing that's bad about it."

If nothing else, he's realistic. And, for the most part, pretty loose in the role of trying to become the first 16-seed to ever beat a 1. At least for the time being.

"Check with me tomorrow," he smiled.

He got off a lot of good lines, which is what you expect from a guy who's never had issues getting off some good lines for the media, especially when it's from his hometown.

"They asked me what we going to do against them," O'Hanlon said. "We're going to play a box-and-2 [defense]. I'm just not sure who we're going to double.

"I don't mind playing my alma mater. I just wish I had some of my alma mater's players. I'm not the second coming of John Wooden.

"They asked me what I'd do if we won. They're going to have to drug-test the coach. Hey, we were going to play somebody good. It could have been Kentucky. I don't what makes me more scared, watching them practice or watching us practice."

It could have been worse. He could have been in one of the first four matchups in Dayton.

"We're in the second round," O'Hanlon pointed out, noting the NCAA's confusing way of referring to what in reality is an opener. "In my contract it says something about [a bonus for] getting to the second round . . .

"Was Jay [Wright] really scared? We're going to have to make shots. And we're going to have to get shots. I think one of these years [a 16 winning this game is] definitely going to happen. I don't see any reason why not. I hope it happens this year. We'll see."

Either way, there's a good chance he'll make us chuckle when the only bad part of this is finally over.