EVERY FEW years, a proposal to start a postseason tournament for Ivy League basketball gets pushed forward. The coaches have recently proposed a four-team tournament, but the key word is "proposed."

If adopted, and there are three layers that the proposal would have to pass, it would be modeled on the lacrosse tournament that was proposed around 2006 and began in 2010. In other words, don't get in line for tickets.

The Ivy athletic directors will meet May 8 to 10. They may talk about the proposal. They may ignore it. If they approve, it would need to pass another stage before getting to the presidents.

Penn athletic director Steve Bilsky does not sound too excited by the concept. Here is his statement released by the school.

"Many coaches groups have submitted proposals for Ivy Tournaments and I'm sure the men's basketball one will receive the same consideration as has been done in the past.

"Over the years there has been wide-ranging discussion on the merits of a men's basketball tournament. There are many philosophical, as well as logistical, issues and challenges to consider.

"In my opinion, to date the reasons not to have a tournament have been much more compelling than the reasons to sponsor one. When it comes to basketball competition, the double round-robin format to select the NCAA representative is one instance where I believe the Ivy League has it right.

"Nevertheless, our Ivy spring meetings are the proper forum to revisit this issue. Frankly, I would rather have the League place a greater priority on finding a way for our football programs to play in postseason competition."