Here are the key points that Temple coach Geoff Collins made during Tuesday's press conference leading up to Saturday's non-conference game against Boston College.

On Temple's injuries

"(QB) Frankie (Nutile) is getting better. I think he is really close to being 100 percent. (OL) Jimmy McHale is probably a game time decision. (Kicker) Aaron Boumerhi probably the same. (DE) Quincy Roche is much better so I think he will play and will play pretty much unlimited. I hope that (RB) Tyliek Raynor will get touches on Saturday. When I am recruiting in the city that is the name that coaches bring up, (asking) how is he doing. He is a playground legend, a Pop Warner legend around here, so I am excited to see him progress from injury. (TE) Kenny Yeboah should be full and I doubt that (TE) David Martin-Robinson will be able to go. It will probably be a game-time decision for him as well."

Note: Boumerhi has missed the last two games due to injury, while McHale missed his first game last week due to injury. Raynor, a redshirt sophomore from Philadelphia's Imhotep, has yet to play this season.

 On whether Nutile, who has missed the last two games due to injury, has to win his job back.

"Everybody in our organization is fighting to be above the line. We are blessed, we've got six safeties we feel can play Division I college football play at a high level. I think we have three quarterbacks that can play at a very high level. The first two games Frankie played well. The last five games last year Frankie played really well. Russo by necessity came in against Maryland and he played really well He played really well Thursday night (in a 31-17 win over Tulsa) so at every single position guys are working for playing time and working throughout the week."

 On visiting 3-1 Boston College, which is coming off a 30-13 loss at Purdue

"We understand we have a big challenge ahead of us. Big, physical offensive line, big physical tight ends, big physical running back (AJ Dillon). They run the ball downhill. They will run the ball and are built to stop the run. They have a big front four. I think they are No. 1 in the country in sacks (actually No. 2 with 16). They do a tremendous job applying pressure on the quarterback. They are very stout, very athletic. They are going to stop the run in their scheme and with the players they have. That is the mindset of who they are and what they do. The return game both punt and kick return, they do a really nice job schematically, but the returner (Michael Walker) is legit. We have our work cut out for that. Our kickoff coverage units and our punt protection units and punt coverage units have a big challenge ahead of us on Saturday. They are tough, they are physical and that is the way view ourselves as well, so I think it is going to be a good matchup against a really good really talented team and really physical team."