SAN FRANCISCO — Trent Edwards "vividly" remembers being a 12-year-old fan with his father in 1998, the last time the U.S. Open was held at Olympic Golf Club.

"It was one of the better memories I have as a kid growing up," he said. "We sat on the 17th hole for awhile, which was a par 4 at the time [it's now a 5], and really enjoyed it. When I found out it was coming here again, I knew I wanted to get back. What an experience. It's been amazing."

You didn't think a little thing like OTA workouts on the opposite coast was going to keep the veteran NFL quarterback, who's trying to win a backup job with the Eagles, from fulfilling that promise to himself. So Edwards, who carries a 3.7 handicap ("It's a little bit high from where I want it to be") as a non-resident Olympic member, caught a flight out of Philadelphia Thursday and was here for his Friday afternoon 5-hour volunteer shift.

"I filled out all the paper work I think pretty much a year ago," said Edwards, who lives about an hour away in suburban San Jose. "I wanted to work at least 3 days."

Over the weekend, he was there in the morning, on the green at the par-3 15th, doing his marshaling thing. He ended up on that hole because he has some friends at another club in the area that's responsible for manning it.

"I could have been doing almost anything, I guess," said Edwards, who's very popular in these parts. "Scoring, the leader board, holding a sign, maybe the driving range. It just worked out this way …

"I love the game of golf. I love this golf course. My parents are coming out. I get done at 2:45 [Sunday], so we're going to follow Tiger for a few holes and then sit on a couch and watch the rest.

"We have a lot of good golfers on the team, who follow the sport. We were watching it on TV Thursday. I told them to be looking for me, in my little volunteer outfit."

Next June, of course, this championship will be returning to Merion for the first time since 1981. So maybe, if things work out with the Birds, he'll be doing that one, too.

"It's great to see special athletes, competing at such a high level," said Edwards, who also attended the 2010 Masters and the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. "Just being around that, seeing their mentality and the attitude they bring … Being inside the ropes like this is so unique.

"Michael Vick has what, 1.3 million followers on Twitter? I think Tiger's pretty far ahead of him. The aura around him is unbelievable. There were like three dozen cameras over there, trying to get his picture. And that was on Friday.

"I'd do it every year if I could. I got it on my resume now. I have experience under my belt."

And he has, by the way, already spoken with the head pro at Merion about working something out. Fore, please.