Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman'' Jones and his attorneys were scheduled to meet in New York today with commissioner Roger Goodell to appeal the length of his suspension for conduct detrimental to the NFL.

The question: Did Jones spend last night in a New York strip club, as he reportedly did the night before he met with Goodell last month. It was at that meeting that Jones was suspended for the season.

Jones has been arrested five times and talked to police 10 times since being drafted in 2005, but has not been convicted in any cases.

The latest incident involves a fight and triple shooting at a Las Vegas strip club in February during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Police have recommended charges against Jones for starting the fight but are still investigating the shooting that left a man paralyzed.

ESPN.com's Chris Mortensen, citing sources close to Jones, the NFL and the players association, reported that the player went to the New York strip club the night of April 2. The report said that by the time Jones met Goodell the next day, the commissioner had been made aware of Jones' presence at the club.

The sources said Goodell asked Jones what he was doing to change his habits. Among other things, Jones said he was going to avoid nightclubs.

When Goodell asked Jones the last time he was at a strip club, Jones answered, "A day ago," according to Mortensen's report.


* Two friends of Michael Vick told SI.com they believe the Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been involved in illegal dog fighting at the home he owns in Virginia.

Vick has blamed wayward relatives for taking advantage of his generosity and insisted that he's rarely at the house in Smithfield, Va., where the dogs were found - even though he's the owner.

* The NFL is investigating adding a 17th regular-season game and playing it outside the United States. The extra game would take the place of one in the preseason, allowing every team to play once abroad without sacrificing a home game.

* Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was charged with driving under the influence, even though police in Nashville said his brother-in-law. Jamie Cartwright, was behind the wheel of the pickup registered to the former Tennessee Titan.

Although McNair was just a passenger, he was charged with a misdemeanor under a Tennessee law that prohibits a vehicle owner from letting it be driven by someone who is inebriated.

Police pulled over McNair's 2003 Dodge pickup just before midnight Wednesday because it was speeding. Cartwright, 31, smelled of alcohol, failed a field-sobriety test and refused to take a breath-alcohol test, police said.

* Comcast Cable Communications, the nation's largest cable television operator, can distribute the NFL Network as niche programming instead of as part of a bigger digital package with many more viewers, a judge ruled, potentially costing the league millions of dollars a month in revenue.

The NFL owns the network, which shows professional football games. The NFL sued in October 2006 after Comcast notified the league that it had decided to put the network on a sports tier with about 750,000 viewers, moving it from a digital tier with more than 7 million viewers.

* Washington coach Joe Gibbs said he has had "no contact" with safety Sean Taylor and that the team has "lost contact" with cornerback Shawn Springs, leaving Gibbs guessing about the status of the two starters missing from the team's spring practices.

* Former Pitt running back Kevan Barlow signed a 1-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and will take part in the mandatory minicamp that starts today. *