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Monday morning quarterback: Questions for Andy Reid

Is Jessica Simpson a good luck charm for the Eagles?

Is Jessica Simpson a good luck charm for the Eagles?

Did you fall down in shock when Brian Westbrook fell down on purpose at the 1-yard line with two minutes left?

Or did you think coach Andy Reid finally learned something about clock management and that Westbrook was a genius? (He did go to Villanova.) Or did you scream in horror when you lost fantasy league points?

Want to know the answers? Well, check out Reid's noon news conference today from the Birds' practice facility, the NovaCare Complex, in South Philadelphia.

With only two games left, the 6-8 Eagles are still alive for the NFC's final wild-card spot and visit the 7-7 New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Minnesota, which is 7-6, plays tonight against Chicago.

And we haven't even mentioned Donovan McNabb, who completed the clutch third-down pass on the last drive to tight end Brent Celek. Or Brian Dawkins' big interception as Terrell Owens fell down.

Well, Reid probably won't answer all of these questions, but he will be smiling for a change.

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